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Play while you learn, you learn while playing

What is blops?

blops is a tool that allows you to strengthen and consolidate the knowledge acquired by the students at the end of each class, or just to brush up previous lessons using mnemonics and, at the same time, answering questions created by the teacher.

blops is an amusing way of learning, of increasing the hours of study but without making it become something boring.

blops is to teach, to accompany, to guide...wherever you are. It is a new bond between teachers and students.

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Our philosophy

In blops we believe there is no better prize than prestige, to live up to your name, and the pleasure of going with your pupils beyond the traditional ways of teaching.

Is because of that, that each teacher gets a diferent “category”, which the future followers can use to have an idea of the performance of the teacher or the expert that they start to follow in the searcher.

blops is the first social network aimed to students and teachers worldwide.

Our goal is that the game reaches its highest level of quality and usefulness that the teachers and students can make of it.

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Help us create the largest network of knowledge exchange in the world!!

preguntas blops

Upload the questions that you want plus the right answer and a wrong one, about any subject, history, languaje, philosophy....
You can create a topic if you wish to, yoga, XVI Century painters, sewing...
and you can organize them by folders.

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Let the others learn what you know!

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Make yourself a profile of expert, primary school teacher or secondary school teacher on blops!

It is free! !

Let the others hear your voice on blops, share what you know, and enjoy this unique experience!

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